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National Working Group for Evidence-Based Health Care

The National Working Group for Evidence-Based Health Care is an organization representing other organizations, professionals and individuals who seek to promote patient rights and professional ethics through the medium of evidence based research and the application of evidence based health care. ... Read the entire story here

National Governing Council Health Education Partnership

The National Governing Council Health Education Partnership (NGCHEP) strongly supports freedom of student educational access and opposes efforts by groups and organizations seeking to prevent schools from offering student access to educational technology and that attempt to restrict student access to the educational programs of their choice. ... Read the entire story here

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urges schools to develop distance education programs to ensure continuity of education in case of pandemic influence.

The CDC is working with community public health departments and all schools across the U.S. to encourage schools to develop and to implement distance education learning strategies in case of an influenza pandemic or other catastrophic events that would prevent students from attending classes. While we have not yet seen a recent pandemic: ... Read the entire story here

Written by Michael Harloff, Ed.D
Commission on the Future of Higher Education Reports on Distance Education and its Importance to American Students, as well as, the Educational, Business, and Industrial Communities
Is it just plain un-American to resist the movement towards distance education in US schools? Well, if you read the trends in Congress and U.S. schools it is! ... Read the entire story here

The HEAL Coalition formed to address issues vital to the success of allied health education schools.

A new organization has been formed under the leadership and initiative of Tom E. Netting, Vice President of the Jefferson Government Relations Group. This new organization is called Higher Education Allied Health Leaders or HEAL.  The HEAL coalition states that its purpose is to: ... Read the entire story here

Growing Concern with Massage Therapy Programs Using Distance Education
This press release was sent to us from Higher Education Allied Health Leaders (HEAL) coalition. HEAL is a nonprofit organization that represents accredited colleges and vocational schools interests as they pertain to state and national legislation.  Read the entire story here

Online University Enrollment Soars

This article on substantial statistical increases in enrollment in online education programs recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

While overall higher-education enrollment in the U.S. is virtually stagnant, online enrollment is skyrocketing, and the recent repeal of a federal rule requiring colleges to provide at least half of their instruction on campus will boost it more. By early 2008, one out of 10 college students will be enrolled in an online degree program, Boston-based market research firm Eduventures estimated last year.

Public schools are driving much of the growth. Overcoming skepticism among some faculty members, state universities are capitalizing on their traditional advantages -- quality education at affordable prices.  Read the entire story here

Growing Concern Regarding Allied Health Care Professions Growth and Health Care Fraud Leads the American Medical Association to Announce the Formation of a new Scope of Practice Partnership

The American Medical Association has begun a new effort to support quality in health care by organizing state medical societies and medical associations in a new organization called the Scope of Practice Partnership. The following information was written by John Weeks and comes from his article entitled AMA "Thwarts" Other Professions Practice Expansion and a Challenge to CAM-IM Fields."  Read the entire story here

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