Legislative Support

Obtaining Legislative Support for your Health Education Partnership

  • Decide if you need to seek changes to an existing law or develop a new one.
  • Find out who your state senators and house members are, along with biographical background and geographical areas within their districts. House and senate clerks at your capitol can provide such information, along with committee assignments, office and home address, etc.
  • Find members in your organization who have common interests with the legislators, such as civic clubs, churches, children's issues, etc. and cultivate relationships.
  • Emphasize educating the legislative leadership members, such as the rules committee members, so they are familiar with your goals.
  • Seek sponsor advocates for legislation requirements, from the primary committee of jurisdiction, such as Health or Education.
  • Track legislation on a daily basis and carefully monitor every aspect of the bill to law process.
  • Maintain positive social and business contact with legislators throughout the year, not just during the legislative session.
  • Have fun and know you are giving the legislators a win-win situation with their support.
  • Remember that all legislators respond best to local voters and families.

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